Community Waste as Community Resource

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Waste is just a missed opportunity. When harnessed, it can serve local communities:

1) Manufacturers and designers make waste useful to those in the community, and tap into supplies as close to source as possible.

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2) People invest in products that are made from local waste, instead of ones made from virgin plastics in distant countries..

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How to Recycle With Us

1) Check that it's really waste. Some councils now recycle things like bottle-tops - so don't fix what isn't broken!

2) Make sure it's clean and pure - anything metallic like coins or beer lids damages our shredder.

3) Sort it by recycling number. This gives us more time for research.

4) Send it to our address below. The bigger the package, the more sustainable, but the emissions from preventing incineration far outweigh the transport.


High-Density Polyethylene





Common items made from this that don't tend to be recycled by local councils include:

  • Bottle Tops

  • Shampoo Bottles

  • Many other rigid plastic tubs.

  • Plant Pots

  • Contact Lens Trays

  • Cosmetics Tubs

  • Margarine Tubs

  • Ice Cream Tubs

  • Mushroom Punnets

  • Microwave Meal Trays

All of our revenue is going into physical overheads or research and development, so unfortunately, we're not yet able to offer a freepost system. However, if you are still able to send your plastic, please send it to:


High Mead Farm,
Ham Lane,
BH22 9DR